Coney Island Guitars offers a full range of expert guitar and bass repairs and modifications.

We specialize in setups and fretwork, pickups and electronics, and anything you can imagine!

We offer pickup rewinding and repair services:

Pickups can be rewound to factory spec, or rewound for a different tone.

Humbuckers: $50 per coil

Single Coils: $60

Vintage Rewind: $70+

Rewound to vintage spec with correct wire type, etc.

By Appointment Only

We are located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

By Appointment Only


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Repair Price List

Flat Hourly Rate: $65.00

Minimum Bench Fee: $30.00

Guitar/Bass Set-Up:
Includes Cleaning, All Adjustment, and Strobe Intonation and Change of strings. Strings not included.

Floyd Rose Set-Up: $90.00
Floyd Rose Installation:
Includes set-up, does not include the price of tremolo
$250.00 & up

Fret Dress:
Grind & polish existing frets, set-up included

Complete Re-fret:
Level fingerboard, replace and dress all frets.
Includes Set-Up
Unbound Board: $250.00
Bound Board: $260.00
Lacquered Maple: $300.00
Fingerboard replacement: $500

Partial re-fret:

New Nut
Corian - Micarta: $60.00
Bone/Graphite/Brass: $75.00

Install New Pickups:
If Routing is Necessary Flat Rate Applies
$40.00 Per Pickup
Repair Loose Wiring/Jack:
Complete Rewire: $100.00
Parts are an Additional Fee
With Shielding: $140.00


Here's a small sample of some recent work.

Custom wood pickup covers


MM Jazz bass


MM Jazz


Pair of Jazz basses


Kramer mod

Pinup Caster



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