Here's a few recent custom designs:

This is a Neo Sidewinder in Rick Hi-Gain case with exposed blade.

Rick Sidewinder

A set of Sidewinders in chrome T-Bird covers.

Gibson SG/EB rebuild to a Neo Sidewinder.

EB Sidewinder

Acoustic Black Widow bass pickup. Rebuilt to original specs, but with blades for better string to string balance.

Stock pickup. One pole screw was broken off and glued back on. Needless to say that string was weak sounding.

The pickup was stuffed with newspaper and bondo!

The coils have no bobbins, and one overlapping the other.

New dual blade pickup wound to original specs.

New front insert made from Bakelite

The finished pickup.

Black Widow


1976 Gibson B-Centennial T-Bird pickup rewind:

This pickup had a dead coil. Because it's encapsulated in epoxy, it had to be taken apart and rewound.

After removing the pickup from the epoxy:


The disassembled pickup:

T-bird guts

Removing the wire from the bobbins.

T-Bird bobbin

Rewound to factory specs:

T-Bird rerwound coil

Back in the cover with fresh epoxy. I installed a 4 conductor cable.

T-Bird finished

Rickenbacker Hi-Gain

This Rick neck pickup was rewound to vintage specs for a cleaner tone, and RWRP for hum cancellation. The weak rubber magnet was also replaced with two small neo magnets and a steel reflector plate for better highs and output. The stock pickup read 11.89k.

Ric stock

Wire stripped off:

Ric bobbin

Rewound to 7K with 44AWG wire.

Back of rebuilt pickup showing steel reflector plate over the neo magnets.


Fender N3 Rewind

This Fender N3 5 string Jazz Bass pickup got damaged when the cover was removed.

Loose magnet wire is never a good sign!

The bottom coil was fine, so it's taped off for protection and the top is striped.

Freshly rewound top coil. Pickup is as good as new!



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