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Series 4 Bass Pickups

Single coil clarity with no noise. Extended highs. Clear, transparent and defined.
Moderate output passive, also works great with any preamp.

SW4-TBC (Gibson Thunderbird size) soapbar, 4 or 5 string pickup

The pickup feature blade pole pieces for any string spacing up to 3.7" (95mm). All pickups are fully shielded for noise free operation, and cast in epoxy resin for durability and to prevent feedback.

Pickups feature 2 conductor (+ shield) wiring.

These pickups were designed to emulate the tone of single coil pickups with a very natural tone.

Also, there is the "deep" neck pickup, which is wound with heavier gauge wire for lower impedance. The "deep" neck model has a hollower tone with less mids and smoother highs. You can also use two for a set.

Available in chrome, nickel, or gold.

Price is $160 per single pickup, or $300 for a set.
Pickups are voiced for neck and bridge locations.

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