CIG Neodymium Powered
Series 3 Bass Pickups

Solid, deep lows. Defined musical mids.
Crisp, smooth highs. Textured and detailed tone.
Clean and powerful passive, also works great with any preamp.

ND3-P4 (P Bass size), Quad Coil 4 string pickup
New! Quad Coil pickup for Precision Basses!

The pickup features dual blade pole pieces per coil. All pickups are fully shielded for noise free operation, and cast in epoxy resin for durability and to prevent feedback.

Pickups feature 4 conductor (+ shield) wiring. Instructions are included for series/parallel, and series/single/parallel. Single coil mode is hum canceling. This pickup also works great with bridge position J pickups and wont over-power them. This pickup is perfect when you want a clearer more modern tone from your P equipped bass, while still being able to get a warm vintage tone.

Sound Clips:  
"Single" (split coil):

(note: the slight buzzing you hear was from an ungrounded bridge on the test bass, and not the pickup)

Now Comes in Two Versions!

Switchable between three tones: $165. Switchable between series/parallel: $130

Drop me an email for ordering information.

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